“The Industry Leading Class III Video Gaming Platform”

The Codespace Gaming Class III Video Gaming Platform allows slot manufacturers to sidestep the costly and time consuming platform development and certification cycles associated with getting a new video gaming device onto the casino floor. The Platform comes out-of-the-box GLI-11 Certified and extremely robust as a result of being tried and tested in numerous gaming jurisdictions throughout the world for over a decade. The Codespace Gaming Platform provides all the software necessary to run a Video Gaming Device.

No longer are you tied to a specific type of gaming hardware, programming language or hand-rolled operating system. The Codespace Gaming Class III Video Gaming Platform is completely hardware independent. The Platform will run on any hardware that supports a Windows operating system. The Platform is modular in design and uses an Open Architecture model, which significantly expands the potential content which can be offered by a slot manufacturer to its customers. Games can be written in any programming language and are not encumbered by any design restrictions.

The Platform supports Class III Video Slots, Keno, Bingo, Poker, Interactive Sports, Board Games, Skill Games and more. The Platform handles all interaction with hardware peripherals and IO, keeps track of all required accounting, audit and configuration information. A full-featured SAS 6,02 communicates with all major casino back-end systems.

By providing a complete Game Protocol Interface and a PC Platform Emulation Program, game developers can now write and test games on the Platform completely independent of manufacturer hardware. Our Loadable Math Module allows manufacturers to convert their math models to dynamically loaded math DLL's. With this facility, multiple math models can be dynamically loaded and unloaded, providing the ultimate in game design flexibility.

Class III Platform Feature Summary

  • GLI-11 Certified
  • Full SAS 6.02 implementation
  • Interoperability with all major casino back-end systems
  • Hardware Independent
  • Integrated with all standard peripheral devices
  • Easy game and math model integration
  • No restrictions on game development technologies utilized
  • Integrate and test on a PC
  • Games can be written in any language
  • Unlimited bonus types
  • Multi-game and multi-denom support
  • Supports GAT 3.5 Serial for External System Validation
  • Engineering support throughout the certification process