“The Ultimate Class II Gaming Platform.”

The Codespace Gaming Class II Gaming System enables the Codespace Gaming Class III Platform to be used in conjunction with Class II gaming.  The Class II System includes the Class II Local Server and the Class II WAN Server. The Class II Local Server allows up to 1,000 Class II System Games to connect locally within a single Casino.  The Class II Wide Area Network (“WAN”) Server allows Class II Local Servers at different geographical locations to connect through an encrypted wide area network connection.


Class II System Feature Summary

  • Conforms to the Class II Gaming Standards as defined under the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, Technical Standards 543 and 547.
  • Allow you to run both Class II and Class III games on the same machine.
  • The Class II Local Server allows you to connect up to 1,000 gaming machines to a single Local Server within a single geographical location.
  • The Class II WAN Server connects Local Servers together in multiple geographically locations using our encrypted wide area network connection.
  • Full-featured reporting.
  • Includes a full SAS 6.02 implementation, with interoperability on all major casino management systems.
  • Full Featured Reporting Module.
  • The Class II System is hardware independent and will run on any Windows-based hardware platform.